The Legal Stuff

Privacy Policy

Lets be perfectly clear.

I hate long-winded policies that make absolutely no sense unless you’re fully conversant in legalese.

So here’s my Privacy Policy.

I won’t record and store your name, address, telephone number, email address etc (i.e. “Personal Information”) unless you specifically give it to me. Even then, I’ll only use the information for the reasons you gave it to me.

I hate SPAM – so won’t send you unsolicited emails or pass your information on to any other party (unless I have a legal requirement to).

I do use some Cookies on this website – but all of that is explained in the Cookies Policy.

External Links

I may, from time-to-time, provide links to external websites.

I cannot be held responsible or liable for any of the content on those external sites, therefore you should make yourself familiar with any terms of use, disclaimers and privacy policies before using those websites.

Social Media

There are a number of social networks that Boothen End View has a presence on. These are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook

I will happily interact with users on these sites, but inappropriate abuse may result in being ‘blocked’ from interacting or reported to the relevant parties.

Retweets or duplication of content does not necessarily signify an endorsement.

Cookies Policy

This website uses Cookies.

Not yummy chocolate-chip ones, but small computer text files. They’re used to monitor how efficient the website is working, to let me know if there are any errors I need to fix, and to find out which of the content I produce is more popular.

If advertising Cookies are present, they record “views” and “clicks” of the adverts – just to make sure I get paid if you visit an advertiser’s website.

Just to be absolutely clear, the Cookies currently in use on this website are listed below:


Please feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you aren’t sure of.